Idea of Prague Design Week event

Prague Design Week – designers exhibition continues the tradition in many developed countries of regularly organizing an exhibition of not only contemporary design in their capital cities. Out of the need to present, to those who care for design, creativity, new ideas, skills, technology and hence even the products of Czech and foreign designers, craftsmen and producers, we annually showcase this event in a different concept than the one you may be used to in the Czech Republic. Prague Design Week focuses on telling stories about design and wants to show the final product as a process from the initial idea through sketches and prototypes to the finished product.


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Fifth year in numbers

The selling design exhibion Prague Design Week was held again in the spring. The event was attended by 6600 visitors from 21 to 27 May 2018 at the Campus Hybernska. Prague Design Week 2018 was a seven-day selection event of 82 exhibitors. The event included daily workshops, 21 evening lectures with designers and short projection of design videos at Design Cinema. The Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Mayor of the Capital City of Prague took over the patronage of the event.


Final Video and Photos from Prague Design Week 2018

Videos from Prague Design Week 2018

Prague Design Week 2018 - Kostky po Praze Prague Design Week 2018 - Jakub Líbal Prague Design Week 2018 - Linda Vrňáková Prague Design Week 2018 - Flera Prague Design Week 2018 - Reformát Prague Design Week 2018 - Pozvánka Prague Design Week 2018 - Ohlédnutí

Guide from Prague Design Week 2018

Prague Design Week 2019

Organizers are in process of preparations of the third designers’ exhibition Prague Design Week. Designers, studios, creative minds, and companies may apply for the year 2018 by filling out the application form on-line on the web but not later than 31. December 2018.

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