Chewingarden jewellery

My name is Anna Ugolkova and I’m last year student of the Sculpture studio of Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM). Originally I’m from Siberia, but I spent a lot of time my childhood in Japan, Kanazawa city and then got my Bachelor and finishing now my master degree in Prague. Experiments with the different technics in my sculptures led me to jewellery design. Lost wax technic in which i work on my jewellery pieces gives me the opportunity to leave the imprints of hand-crafted work, which gives the feeling that this metal had treated directly by fingers. The name of my brand “Chewingarden jewellery” are inspired both of this “chew” effect and nature, her bends and plasticity, which are perfect and imperfect at the same time.

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Save the Date: 15. ― 21. April 2019

The sixth international designers’ festival Prague Design Week took place in Republic Square 7 in centre of Prague. Seven-day event featured the creation of dozens designers, jewellers, fashion designers, creative people, studios, schools and firms.

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