In the beginning it has been just a trying a and finding a way to go with design. Now is SomeTies something we are sure about and want to share it with all the good people around us. Wood or concrete is the big choice in the world of design, so we work with both. Wooden bow tie is the first older baby for us. Now, a little baby was born. Concrete bow tie is young but strong and self-confident and we put a big trust in it. Anyway, as a good parents, we don’t care if is it concrete or wood, we take the same care to build a product with a good soul and well prepared for life.

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Save the Date: 15. ― 21. April 2019

The sixth international designers’ festival Prague Design Week took place in Republic Square 7 in centre of Prague. Seven-day event featured the creation of dozens designers, jewellers, fashion designers, creative people, studios, schools and firms.

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