Dorina Varnyú

Visibility Collection by Dorina Varnyú (HU). Preparing the high visibility bag collections Dorina Varnyú used only handmade weaving and sewing techniques. The preferred basic material (yarn) of the bags is very innovative and fits to the greatest issue of the contemporary design, to the sustainable development. Usage of the recycling “threats” as loudspeaker’s cables, wires, fishing line show up and suit to the functionality of the bags but they are not a common materials in the traditional weaving. The diploma collection of Dorina Varnyú was awarded by emerging designer prize in Hungary.

Opening cocktail: 1 or 2 April evening time, up to the schedule of the design week program, please suggest a proper time for the event. Presentation:up to the schedule preferred 3 or 4 April. 2o min. presentation with Q&A on the preparation of the bags and the new series and route of the designerÍs progress.

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Save the Date: 2. ― 6. September 2020

The seventh international designers’ festival Prague Design Week took place in Republic Square 7 in centre of Prague. Seven-day event featured the creation of 77 designers, jewellers, fashion designers, creative people, studios, schools and firms.

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