Woxkon is a recent Czech brand that was founded by two young students David and Martin at the end of 2016. However, Martin later on found out that fashion industry is not the right path for him, so he left the brand. Now everything is taken care of by one person. But when you do what fulfills you, you live your little dream. These backpacks were designed and thoroughly made in the Czech Republic. A combination of love for nature and the city, joy of creating things but also respect for craftsmanship and for our planet. Therefore, we strive to continually improve and seek opportunities and collaborations that support these ideas. The waterproof material, from which the backpacks are made from, has been carefully selected as we truly care about quality. The goal was not to produce consumer goods but to create a backpack that will last you for years.


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Save the Date: 2. ― 6. September 2020

The seventh international designers’ festival Prague Design Week took place in Republic Square 7 in centre of Prague. Seven-day event featured the creation of 77 designers, jewellers, fashion designers, creative people, studios, schools and firms.

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